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Butterfly Outpost is a small, sustainable lavender farm.  Flowers such as lavender, calendula, roses and chamomile are grown in a high desert region of western Colorado.  The well-draining soil, sunny days and cool nights create a favorable climate for growing these hardy, aromatic plants. 

At Butterfly Outpost, hand harvesting and small batch distillation methods are used to create high quality essential oils, hydrosols, balms and perfumes.  The carefully picked flowers and herbs are distilled in a handcrafted copper pot still using centuries old practices.

Our philosophy is one of working with, rather than against nature. Harmony with nature is possible only if we abandon the idea of superiority over the natural world.  At Butterfly Outpost, a small sustainable agriculture system has been developed and we grow a variety of fruit and nut trees, rare heirloom vegetables, and herbs and flowers.  One-third of the land is set aside for the native residents including deer, bobcats, quail and great horned owls, as well as bees, butterflies and other insects.  


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